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Colocation Hosting Fees

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This article includes the fees that may occur in your colocation service.

If you have a question about what's included, please contact us.

Free Services Included:

  • Remote / Power Cycle
  • General Button Pressing
  • Shipment Receiving and Unpacking
  • Remote Eyes / Screen Readouts
  • KVMoIP On-Demand 2 hour sessions
  • CD-ROM / External Drive Attach
  • Hot-Swap Bay Modifications
  • Initial Server Racking

Purchased Services:
Kindly note: this is billed in 15-min increments. $100/hr would be $25 per 15-mins.
Remote Hands Emergency: $165/hour
Remote Hands Non-Emergency: $100/hour
On-Demand System Administration Fee (System Administration help from PloxHost Staff): $60/hr
Deracking Server: $200/server Please note, you must provide a shipping label and box. We cannot provide this.

Deracking of servers will occur within 1-5 days depending on the current queue. If you require this to be expedited, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing PloxHost!

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