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Layer-3 Networking on Dedicated Servers (configure your networking)

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How to configure your dedicated servers networking

About our Network

All of our network is setup using /29 IPV4 subnets. Your server will be assigned a VLAN attached /29 IPV4 subnet, and a /64 IPV6 subnet. 



Network Setup

If you are assigned the IPV4 /29 subnet (for example) 121.988.98.0/29, and for IPV6 2602:ff05:2600:2::/64 here's how the network would be setup. 



GATEWAY ADDRESS - 121.988.98.1 (Your gateway is always 1 IP address below your primary)

SUBNET MASK - (specific to a /29)

PRIMARY IP ADDRESS - 121.988.98.2 

USABLE IP ADDRESSES - 121.988.98.2, 121.988.98.3, 121.988.98.4, 121.988.98.5, 121.988.98.6


Your exact available IP addresses would be available by checking the control panel as well.





PRIMARY IP ADDRESS - 2602:ff05:2600:2::2

USABLE IP ADDRESSES - 2602:ff05:2600:2::/64 (the entire /64)


For more information on subnetting, please refer to this chart. If you have any questions regarding setting up your network, please contact us.



How to configure additional IPv4/v6 addresses

By default, our auto installer will add all IPV4/v6 addresses to your server. If you run into any trouble, please refer to the following guides for your specific operating system.


Ubuntu: Click Here

CentOS/RHEL/Alma/Rocky Linux: Click Here

Debian: Click Here


If you have a specific question regarding adding your IP addresses. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Purchasing additional subnets

IPs are sold at $1.50/IP in subnets. For information and purchasing, please place a sales ticket.

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