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How to create a timings report

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Timings reports can be very useful in detecting what is causing lag on your server. It identifies lag in your world and plugins. Once you identify what is causing lag you can then resolve the issue.

Taking a timings report.

Whilst it may sound like a complicated task, taking a timings report is quite easy!

Item You need to make sure your server is running any of the Paper jar files in our JAR Launcher (switching to PaperSpigot will not affect your worlds or any plugins, it's just Spigot but with more features!)

When in-game, type /timings on:

Then, you need to wait at least 3 minutes (we recommend waiting around 10 minutes for a more accurate reading)
When you have waited for at least 3 minutes, type /timings paste:

Once you have obtained your timings report, open the link and you'll be directed to a page with your server timings on. Under the "timings" tab are your timings. Anything in red is using an excess amount of server resources and should be looked into.
You can also click on the "Plugins" tab to see (in order) what plugin is causing the most lag on your server.

If you need any assistance reading your timings report, feel free to open a Billing or Discord ticket.

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