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How to hire staff

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How do you write good staff applications and hire staff?

It is important to consider what type of staff you would like to have. If your server is small, and you aren't planning to make it big, then just a simple can you build or can you develop questions will suffice.
If you are looking for trustworthy staff make sure you spend time knowing them. Actions they do in gameplay will represent them as an mod/admin: If a player gives lots of items to new players then this will keep players engaged, however this can also be taken as abuse.
Many plugins like RestrictedCreative help to combat abuse in this way.

Where do I place my staff applications?

You shouldn't place your staff apps in games. Around 6 years ago most small servers kept staff applications in books but these could easily be stolen.
You should keep your staff applications with application based discord bots or using a site like Google forms. If you are using enjin or xenforo for your server they will allow you to place staff applications there.

How to write a helper/mod/admin application?

The first section should be personal information: 

First consider what type of server it is. If it's a server made for mature audiences then hire people over the age of 16 or 18. If it is made for children then hire the oldest and most experienced people.
You might want to make your server unique so don't follow this guide word for word mix up the questions a bit but not too much.

The first section is centred around getting details of the player. Such as:
Do you have a discord account? If so, what is it? (Be sure to ask them for their discriminator)
What is your in-game name? (IGN) What is your time zone?
If you require voice communication or would like to know if they are at an age they say they are then put a question like:
Do you have a working microphone and if so can you speak?
You should also ask for their age. This will help you pick out the correct staff for your prestigious server.

The second section should be based on previous experiences.

You should make them write more than 400 words if you are looking for experienced people. 200 should be minimum to avoid less experienced people. Make this question should require them to use correct grammar and punctuation. Anyone that keeps the letter `i` lowercase in the middle of a sentence is not from an English speaking country or they haven't spent much time in class.

You should ask for their hobbies in life. People who have done a lot in their life are either lying or are going to be too busy to stay on your server for a long time. On the other hand, if people only put "playing Minecraft all day" then they are just looking for a server to be staff on and nothing more.

The third section should include common scenarios your server finds. If your server is about PvP then your questions should be related to find hackers or how to know if someone is hacking. If your server is survival/towny based then your question should be how to detect xray or how to deal with arguments. I will be using factions as an example as it's a popular choice of a server style. It will contain a question and what is the answer you are looking for.

Question: What would you do if someone is making the anticheat go mad?
Answer: Remember that anticheats can mistake lagging players as hackers. The applicant must talk about watching them. If they talk about banning straight away then you will need to teach them.
Question: If someone advertises their own server, what would you do?
Answer: This depends on your server rules but if the applicant says muting the person then that will be enough.
Question: A player posts their social account in the chat. What do you do?
Answer: if it's in a conversation and your server rules don't include "Don't share personal information" then no action can be taken. If it's randomly like "add me on sc" then not needed then you can take it as unwanted advertisement. But a ban shouldn't be necessary.

The last section should be about them as a staff member. 

Questions include what would you do to make the server different or what would you change about the current staff team.

There should be a question to describe yourself in 1 word. If they choose something like "kind" or "active" then they offer nothing special but make sure to consider the rest of the application first.

One of the last questions should be what would you change about the server if you become staff? This would be classed as a survey of your server and anything here should be taken as a suggestion even if they don't become staff.

You should take note that most developers will not work exclusively for 1 server. This is perfectly normal.

Please note: not all questions are covered here, this is just an explanation on how to hire staff.

Once they submit the application go to a plagiarism checker and see if their “why should you become staff” is detected on another server. If it's them posting it on multiple servers they are a person called a Staff Hunter who just wants to be staff on many servers. If it matches another application online, then you know they are plagarizing another persons' application. You should deny this application.

So you have found suitable staff for your server. It's important to consider which one has the most experience. Check if their previous servers are still operating. If so, contact an Owner or Staff Manager for their thoughts on them. Some may say they were the best admin the server had but they could also be lying to make themselves sound better and then abuse on your server.

Don't worry if the servers don't exist anymore. Old servers die and new one get born - the life cycle of servers. So you found your team but not sure which one to pick. Ask them for their ages or ask them what year/grade of school they are in and if it's different from their age in the application then you can get rid of them. So you still got too many to choose. Then the ones who live closer to where the server is located or the ones that are the oldest are the ones you pick.

Hope this helps!

Made By Fluxedscript, Edited by ZECHEESELORD (Harold)

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