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How to run an MTR/Traceroute

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Solve Network Latency and Connectivity

This article will guide you through running an MTR/Traceroute. This is helpful as we can determine issues with connectivity and networking.

Anytime you have latency or network problems, please run an MTR and send us the results.


Running an MTR on Windows

1. Download WinMTR by clicking here.


2. Open the folder, open the architecture of your OS (usually x64), and run the .exe file



3.Select the "Run" option



4. Within the "Host" box, enter the IP address of the server or host you are trying to ping.

For example, you would want to enter your server's IP. Do not include a server port



5. Press "Start"


6. We recommend letting this run for about 2 minutes. After the few minutes, you can press "Copy Text to Clipboard" or attach a screenshot to your ticket.



Running an MTR on MacOS

We have attached a tutorial for doing this.

Please click here.


It is quite hard to run an MTR on MacOS, as it requires a few extra steps. So we recommend running it on Windows/PC.

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