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How to setup a sub-user

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How to add a sub-user into PloxHost Panel


Looking to add a sub-user to access your console or allow a user to access your server files? First, we have to warn you about this before you do so. If you know the developer or the user your trying to add is a close friend, then it would be safe to add them. However, if the user you're trying to add is unknown, a known scammer, or an untrusted user from the internet, do not add them at any costs. If you do add any users from the internet. PloxHost is not responsible for any damage caused to your server.

If You're The Service Owner (Continue Reading). If you're the user being added. Scroll down to the user section.

You can set a sub-user by clicking the "Users" tab on the left-hand sidebar.

Click "new user"

and select the permissions, and enter their email address. Press "Invite User"
The user will then receive an email from our panel to setup their sub-user account.


Please check your email address for information regarding the sub-user setup.

Once you have made a sub-user account the owner of the server will be able to add you by the username you have used.

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