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How to setup bungeecord

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BungeeCord is a server proxy that allows you to connect multiple servers together into a network. BungeeCord can be confusing to set up for people who have never set it up before, but follow this guide step-by-step and you'll have it done in no time.

BungeeCord Requirements

Bungeecord requires you to have 3 services purchased to be effective.
One service must be for BungeeCord by itself. BungeeCord cannot host a gamemode/hub of its own.
Bungeecord only needs 1GB, it would be a waste to buy more - then a hub server only needs 2-3GB.
If you want a Dedicated IP (Recomended), get it for BungeeCord, not the other servers.

Getting BungeeCord on your server

Before you configure BungeeCord, you need to get it on your server first.
Select "BungeeCord" under the Modpack & Jar sidebar option. This will change your jar file to "BungeeCord"

Start the server and wait for it to say "Startup Listening on /"
Stop the server

Setting up BungeeCord

Now that you have installed Bungeecord, it's time to configure it!
Access your server's FTP (Stuck? View our guide on accessing FTP Click How to use FTP.)
Download and edit the config.yml file. The file will look something like this:
The config does look confusing! Don't worry. Follow this guide exactly to make sure there are no mistakes!
Set "ip_forward" to "true"
Set "host" under "listeners" to your Server IP* including the port** (if you have a Dedicated IP, this is 25565)
Now that you have the basics done, let's add the servers.
Under "servers" you'll see a default server named "lobby". Copy that and paste it so there's one for each server you wish to connect.
Now, change the name of each of them to what you'd like and enter the Server IP including the port in the "address" section.
If you wish to restrict access to a server, turn on whitelist on that server. To edit the MOTD, edit it under "motd" in "listeners"
If you would like people to be forced to join your Lobby, then under "priorities" change the default server to the name of your Lobby server. Then, set "force_default_server" under "listeners" to "true". Note that if your lobby is offline, users will not be able to connect.
Save and upload the file to your server.


Now that Bungeecord is fully setup, you can start it and it should work.
You will need to do this on ALL the servers you are connecting to it:

Open the server's FTP
Download and edit the "" file and set "online-mode" to "false"
Save and upload the file to your server.
Download and edit the "spigot.yml" file and set "bungeecord" to "true" under "settings"
Save and upload the file to your server
Restart your server

You should also protect your network from BungeeCord Spoofers - BungeeCord has an exploit allowing users to join as whoever they want. To fix this please see How to protect your Bungeecord server against UUID Spoofing.

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