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How to setup your NodeJS Discord Bot!

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How to setup your new NodeJS Discord Bot!

We've made it easy to install your new NodeJS Discord Bot Service!

1) After you've purchased the service, please login to
2) From here, select the service. Visit the File Manager Tab
3) Please upload your bot files!
4) Once the bot files are uploaded, please ensure you have a `package.json` file (This is generated when you run npm i --save on your computer) This is used to install the packages on your PloxHost Bot Hosting!
5) After the files are uploaded, visit the Startup tab, and set your bot startup file (This is the file you run to start your bot)

You are now set to start your discord bot! Please visit the Console tab and click start. Your packages will install (from whats set in your package.json), then the bot will start!

If you find any issues, please contact our support team!

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