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How to upgrade to Minecraft Version 1.19

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Minecraft 1.19 is the latest release of the Minecraft game. Today we will work on upgrading your server to 1.19.

This brand new update includes major changes to mobs/bosses and new biomes. Read more at 


Upgrading your PloxHost Minecraft Server to 1.19

1) Create a full server backup

It is recommended that you create a full server backup before planning any major upgrades. You can do this by logging into the control panel, and clicking the "Backups" tab. From there, create your new backup.


Creating a backup will allow you to restore instantly if an error occurs during the upgrade process.


2) Choose your upgrade route

There is three upgrade routes you can take. We recommend either one. 

1) Fully wipe your server (start over all progress). Start at step 3A if you are wanting to fully wipe your server.

2) Upgrade your server software, and generate new chunks. Start at step 3B if you are wanting to continue with progress, and use new chunks.


3A) Option 1: Fully Wipe Server (new world)


Enter your new world name by visiting the "Console" tab, and scroll down to the quick edit settings. From here, enter your new world name as shown below...

Click on the "world" name.

Enter the new world name into the box. We recommend "world119" for easy reference.

Continue to step 4.


Step 3b) Option 2: Upgrade using new server chunks

There is no prep involved with this step. Continue to step 4.


Step 4) Select new server version

If you are wanting to use a custom server jar. See the tutorial below. Otherwise, follow the rest of the steps.

NOTICE: At the time of this article being published. Currently only Vanilla is supported. If you server is running other software such as Paper(Spigot) or Spigot. You will not be able to switch between Vanilla & Spigot. Please wait for an official release of Spigot or Paper Spigot in order to upgrade. This article will be updated once a release is out!

Update 6/7/22: Spigot is now released. Be sure to use with caution.

On the control panel, go to the "Modpacks & Jars" tab. From here, search for the 1.19 options, and select the 1.19 server jar.

After selecting the new server jar. Press the start button on the server.



Your server will now boot using 1.19 server version. Like with all new versions, bugs are expected. We always recommend taking daily backups (we handle this), and waiting until later versions of the software is released.


Please contact us if you have any questions or issues.


Have fun! -- Team PloxHost

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