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How to upload a Minecraft World to your Server

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Adding a world to your Minecraft Server Hosting

Uploading a world is fairly easy. Follow these steps below in order to get you up and running!


Preparing the World

If you are downloading the world from an online website, like Planet Minecraft, you will have a .zip file which contains the world.

If you are trying to upload a world that is already on your computer, you will need to zip the world.


1. Locate your "saves" folder in your Minecraft PC/Mac Directory

2. Right click, and press "Send to Compress Folder", follow the prompt

3. This will create a .zip file, store this somewhere safe for uploading!


Uploading the world to your PloxHost Server

1. Login to the control panel at and access your server.

2. Visit the "File Manager" tab

3. Drag and drop your .zip file, into anywhere on the screen, it will begin to upload.

4. Once uploaded, select the 3 dots dropdown, and press "Extract"

5. Your world will now exact, be sure to keep note of the world name,


6. Visit the server settings, click the link below for more info.

How to Change Server Settings

7. Change the "Minecraft Level name"


8. Set your new world, then press "ENTER"


Reboot your server, and you will now be within your new Minecraft World!

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