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How to use and access the VPS Control Panel

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Accessing and using our VPS Control Panel (Virtualizor)

This article will guide you through using our VPS Control Panel, also known as Virtualizor. 

Virtualizor allows you to control your purchased PloxHost VPS Server. For example, you can perform remote reboots and backups.


Logging into Virtualizor

You can access the VPS Control Panel by following these steps:


1. Log into the billing portal at

2. Visit the Services -> My Services tab on the navigation bar


3. Select your VPS Service.

4. On the Sidebar, under the 'Virtualizor' option, select 'Enduser Panel' button.


5. After clicking the button, it will open a new tab with the VPS Control Panel launched.



SSL Warning

You may see an SSL warning when trying to enter the site. It is okay. You can just continue through the warning message.

Managing your VPS on Virtualizor

Server Controls


The controls are as listed: Start/Stop, Reboot, Shut Down, SSH Console, KVM Console (VNC)


Graphs and Server Info


Pressing the 'Graphs' button will navigate you to a list of stats of your VPS.


Reinstalling OS

Press the 'Install' button, and proceed through the steps



Create a VPS Backup

Press the 'Backups' tab and proceed through the steps



That's it! Welcome to the PloxHost Control Panel! Let us know if you need any assistance by creating a ticket.

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