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Installing Discord Bot Packages

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How to install your Discord Bot required packages!

For Python Users:
- Please create a file named `requirements.txt` and place each of your requirements for your bot in this file. After you are done, simply reboot the server and they will install561b64b9850693b6ffbfdc114149e26b716f68121d895135541f80dee650db0c6691d269bc934f7d?t=90b3c67188deb1354ca77792df216b51

For NodeJS Users:
- Please ensure you have a `package.json` file which contains your required packages. This is created when you run `npm i --save` on your computer. Once the package.json is uploaded, your discord bot will install the packages on the next startup.

For Others:
If you require another package that is not listed above, please open a ticket with our team!

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