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How to change your domain

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Changing the domain associated with your web service:

Unfortunately, due to the way cPanel is built, you cannot change the main domain associated with your web service. However, you can choose from any of the options below;

Add your new domain to the service as an "*Addon Domain**" in the "Addon Domains" section on cPanel.

An addon domain is simply an additional domain which connects to your web server and can be used instead of your main domain.
Note: you will need to remake the subdomains to use the new domain.||
When adding the addon domain, "New Domain Name" means the domain, "subdomain" is what the
subdomain to access your new addon domain via the old domain will be (e.g. having "newdomain" would
mean the subdomain is "").
If you want your new domain to mimic your old domain, leave "Document Root" blank.
? Contact our support team via a Billing Ticket (which can be created here) where we can make you a new web service with the domain. All files and settings will be lost.

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