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How to upgrade or downgrade a service.

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We allow you to upgrade or downgrade a service easily through our panel. Please note that you cannot upgrade or downgrade a Dedicated Server. When logged in to your client area select 'Services' then 'My Services'

81eec4a55fd3e911ccdc6ebfe710504c8f3620af?t=9b42c93ed404c6b39bf7055c2ca4acaf From here, select the service you wish to upgrade or downgrade.
b2eb3d440b70a78352e3f4f578f85cbb3e1bb906?t=e932c521e2eab4463dcfe94cd0a77879 Then, from here, select 'Upgrade/Downgrade' on the left-hand side in the 'Actions' tab.

70e91ebed34eeee5e9798e8a56b5d27a02d442a0?t=7aa4a1cbf37f373036205435896f286a If you see a message which states "You cannot currently upgrade or downgrade this product because an invoice has already been generated for the next renewal" then you must first make the next payment for your server. Once you've done that you will be shown a page with our other service plans. 

18a199e74078e142e59aafc165a71e93f3dbb4da?t=7c80c8a3272f652fb3dacf1281077c40 If you're upgrading, an invoice will be added to your account where you pay the difference.

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