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How to use a custom Forge Version

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How to use a custom forge version

This guide is split in two parts. For versions above Minecraft 1.17 + see below. Otherwise, keep scrolling for versions below 1.17.


Why use a custom forge version?

Sometimes we may not have the exact version of forge you need. This will guide you on how to use a custom version of forge within your server.


How to set a custom forge version for Minecraft 1.17 +

This includes 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, etc...


Step 1) Prepare Forge

First navigate to the forge website, and select the version of forge you wish to download...

Download the "Installer" version



Step 2) Install forge

Double-click the downloaded .jar file. From there, select "Install Server" and click "Ok"

Helpful tip: Make sure you select the destination install folder to somewhere on your desktop...


Open the folder once forge has been installed...


Step 3) Prepare install

Once you have opened the folder. Complete the following steps.

1) Ensure the following files exist...


2) Move the JVM Arguments file into the main directory.

Open libraries -> net -> minecraftforge -> forge -> ...(this next folder depends on your install version) -> unix_args.txt

Move this folder into the base install of your forge server

So this would be in the same folder as shown below...



Step 3) Upload to PloxHost.

Upload all of the files created to your PloxHost server using FTP.



Step 4) Select "Custom" Jar.

Visit the "Modpacks & Jars" tab on the sidebar. Select Custom from the options of Jars.


You can enter anything into the box that pops up.


Step 5) Server configuration

Be sure to start your server before this step.  This ensures that the "ploxhost.yml" file is generated.


Open the "ploxhost.yml" file using File Manager.

1) Set your Java Version


2) Enable "use-custom-forge-args"



Save the file.


Start your server. You should be all set!


Install forge for versions below Minecraft 1.17

This is an easier version of doing above 1.17

Please follow Steps 1 -> 2 in the first part of this guide.


From there, upload all of your files that have been generated.


You will see a jar file named "forge... .jar". Copy this name, and set it as your custom server jar.

See article:  for more details!



Please contact us if you have any questions 

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